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Motor shuts down uppon applying brakes to slow down. It restarts immediately after. This could happen 3 times in the day.
1. Open with remote.2. Start vech. 3.put in drive.4. Door should lock when in drive. 5. DOORS lights up on dash,chime.6. Try door lock on armrest,push lock,chime,doors lock for 2-3 sec. Open back up. 7. This is the tr...
The lights only come on the top of the dome and the outside headlights
I got stuck and as I was trying to get unstuck something sounds stripped in the front end now the vehicle won't move
This happens at any time along with the door chime. Dealer says replace BCM, others say send BCM to get rebuilt, or check the contacts at the power lock mechanism connection. Help!
VSS changed lately after a code P0503 suggested it , shifting between 1st and 2nd gear being harsh and erratic...problem solved but time for shifting seems rather long ..RPM 3200
Just purchased '07 H3x...navigation screen display very dim...I adjusted brightness & contrast up which helped a bit...but still almost too dim in daylight to see.....at night it's better and almost "normal". Thanks