was using the sunroof when car was not starting got caught on something and opened back up then it seem to die as if battery was dead but will not turn over or release the key

Clutch slipping in first gear

My hummer leaks under the pedals and rains out the onstar speaker. Everytime it rains, Im left with a mess! I do have a sunroof , checking the seal on that. Can't find a number of a hummer dealer ship to replace anything. .......

The Engine wiring harnesses are not the same. Is there a wiring conversion kit or any suggestions?

I just received the recall on replacing the harness due to a possible fire issue, however I already had to have the repair done a few months ago due to burn out that occurred within the harness. Can I get reimbursed from General Motors on this issue?

Resistor was burned through and melted to all the wires had to replace that plus blower motor too

How do I repair the oil pressure system

refrigerant seems to be frozen on hose.what could it be .how much in cost to fix?