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How do I repair the oil pressure system
refrigerant seems to be frozen on hose.what could it be .how much in cost to fix?
I open my driver side door and the radio is still on I have to open up my passenger side door for it to turn off. HELP!
Can I solder the wires or do I need to replace the harness.
Got a miss-fire code in cyl#3 on 3.7L(5 cyl)engine. Changed ignition coil and plug. Problem went away and returned. Could this cyl. head problem?
drive shaft turns when put in gear. Grinds when put back in park. tried 4h 4l but still want move
It happens occasionally, no codes or diagnostic lights show. Mechanics cannot reproduce the problem and have said without a code, they can't fix it! When it happens, I can't restart for at least 10 minutes. Really b...