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Yesterday my windshield wipers came on and I did not turn them on, Also several days ago the rear wiper and washer activated without me turning on the switch. In both cases I could not turn them off by using the switc...
needed pumped up and needed rocker arms replaced after replacing wheels. everyday lowered on to just above wheels for 4 months and eventually needing pumped up multiple times per day?
need to repaint my bumper on my H2
front switch lights come on momentary and then shut off. Then all of a sudden they work.Getting cold can someone help.
Is one morning I want to stat it and it start and security comes up aNd it will off when I check all I can get was the vehicle shot down do to passlock.
How often should I change my 2005 H2's air filter?
controls seem to work fine for passanger side. could this be as simple as the temp door actuator for the drivers side is bad? is the instructions to fix the same as I saw for a 2003?
I had talked to your.mechanic before.... what do all need to take apart to get at it?
no heat on floor or face vents on any setting it blows through the defrost vents onto windshield. could it be the actuator? vent doors?