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and the engine light my mec said it is the throttle body he put a re built in and it started again he said gm recalled them please help.......
Key stuck in ignition
when I turn on the ignition and start the panel lights will come on but the ac/heat controls do not work nor do I get a temp display or fan display. none of bottom controls come on ie the defrost recirculation or pow...
My truck is a 2006 H2 Hummer. I loosened the cover around the steering wheel / ignition and I can press a brass button inside and then remove the key! It appears the system is not recognizing that it is in park, maybe...
Could this just be a sensor or is it a pump. The car is not over heating.
When I pressed the button to put the driver's side rear window down, I heard a loud clunk, which ended up being the window falling all the way down into the door. Thankfully, it didn't break. We're pretty knowledgeabl...
When I brake pedal goes completely to the floor. Also, monitor on dash states brake system failure.
I turned the key to start but got nothing. The key was stuck in the on position and could not shift. Waited 15 minutes and system corrected itself and was able to start truck. However, when I put my foot on the brake ...
hummer radio turns on, no sound from speakers when cold
then it would be fine. The radio is on but no sound from the speakers. Now,the radio still lights up but no sound at all, even after 4 hours of driving. The radio always lights up just no sound.
seat will not move in any direction. heated seat does not work.
Yesterday my windshield wipers came on and I did not turn them on, Also several days ago the rear wiper and washer activated without me turning on the switch. In both cases I could not turn them off by using the switc...
Is it the timer delay?
needed pumped up and needed rocker arms replaced after replacing wheels. everyday lowered on to just above wheels for 4 months and eventually needing pumped up multiple times per day?
Also replaced PCM and water Pump & thermostat, but periodically PO332 & PO337 code comes back on...How do I correct this
key won't come out and the battery goes dead
What tool do i need for relearning the pressure sensors on wheels ?
On. Dash. Gear. Letters. Shows (n) neutral. Postion but shit. Lever. is. In. Park. an. will. Not. shift!