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Is it the timer delay?
Also replaced PCM and water Pump & thermostat, but periodically PO332 & PO337 code comes back on...How do I correct this
key won't come out and the battery goes dead
suspension compressor not working- changed module and rrelay fuse
i want to r/r water pump and want to know what tools are needed
The blower fuse doesn't have voltage when I turn the AC on, the compressor is coming on. Fuse HVAC/ECAS is good.
I have 2004 Hummer H2 SUT, its transfer case tail housing is broke. you can show me where i can buy used or new one for changing. pls help me one thing, i wonder if 2004 escalade tail housing can fit thanks alot kim...
windsheild wipers only operate on the fastest speed. all speeds were working yesterday. does the motor did replacing? Where can I obtain step by step instructions to replace? Many thanks.
Wont start due to removal of battery cables and then the anti theft has engaged. isay that because NO GAS is getting to the ignition and everything else is coming on but IT WONT START......help please.........
where is the fuel filter located?
I have a 2003 H2 Hummer and the Speedometer, Tach, and fuel gauges quit working. I see a lot of ads to send the cluster in and they will replace. How trustful are this sites and is there anything that can be done at h...