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when I turn on the ignition and start the panel lights will come on but the ac/heat controls do not work nor do I get a temp display or fan display. none of bottom controls come on ie the defrost recirculation or pow...
Could this just be a sensor or is it a pump. The car is not over heating.
When I brake pedal goes completely to the floor. Also, monitor on dash states brake system failure.
I turned the key to start but got nothing. The key was stuck in the on position and could not shift. Waited 15 minutes and system corrected itself and was able to start truck. However, when I put my foot on the brake ...
hummer radio turns on, no sound from speakers when cold
then it would be fine. The radio is on but no sound from the speakers. Now,the radio still lights up but no sound at all, even after 4 hours of driving. The radio always lights up just no sound.
On. Dash. Gear. Letters. Shows (n) neutral. Postion but shit. Lever. is. In. Park. an. will. Not. shift!
When i press the pedal it does not accelerate and then turns off.
My hummer does not have any leaks, One day I walked out side got in the truck and the suspension jacked its self all the way up on its own and the off road suspension light came on on the button. It would not go back ...