hummer dealer told me that my air sensor on the driver side was bad so I replace it and now the compressor don't even kick in .

Indicator light on dash stuck in park position but when gear shift is moved the srive positon the transmission will not engage

I was driving and my transmission stop pulling and the dash light moved to the parked position while vehicle was still moving but the transmission stop pulling and I coast to the sidw of the road

would like to find out if theirs a power relay

when I shut off the engine the power stays on

I replaced body control and problems still continue

I replaced body control mod and had it reflashed at dealer and still doesn't shut off code U1000

Low oil pressure in message center
Then the alarms start and sometimes don't stop the lights and all the dash will stop working also at times ..seems like it's electrical..what can I do??

Small vent on lower front left side leaks inside onto the floorboard & soaks it. Can we do anything ourselves to fix this? Also, is starting to leak a bit when it rains at the front left hand side of sunroof. Can we fix this ourselves?

The temperature gauge is moving as it should but simply not getting heat, even when I have both sides set at 90 and the fan on high and no cold air when I drop the temperature and turn on the air check engine lights or any other light is lit. Thank you

Driver seat stopped working unable to move forward or back.

Turned on air conditioner for a bit and tried turning it off, which it wouldn't if when car was off it remained on.

Seller says this pops on and off. What is this speedometer cluster and how much to fix. Please help. I need to purchase something to pull my boat. Has to be a big V8. Thank you.