How To Reset "Service Engine Soon"Light-BMW 2006 325i on 2006 BMW 325i

I have a 2006 BMW 325i.I have had a recent Oil change,new tires put on,all maintenece up to date.My elderly father drove it to put the tires on it and gas it up and shortly after the "Service Engine Soon" light popped on.I hate our BMW Dealership here,is there a simple method to reset this light that will not erase any radio codes,etc...I have seen another light on when the dealership did my oil change and the salesman hopped in my driver seat and did something around the area of my cruise control lever and turn signal and the message erased.Any instructions?

by in Wilmington, NC on August 26, 2010
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ANSWER by , August 26, 2010
The Service Engine Soon Light means that there is a fault code in your Computer system that controls your engine and emissions system. If you just had fuel put in, check your gas cap first and foremost. Other wise, you will need to have the code scanned and repaired, the light will not go off until the problem is correctly repaired.
COMMENT by , April 04, 2015
Hey i want to know how can i take off the servers enginesoon
ANSWER by , September 11, 2010
Hi , to reset the service light you will need to insert the key and turn the ignition lights on but do not start the engine. you will see a push button on the lower left side of the instrument panel press and hold this until you have a triangle appear which then turns to the brake warning symbol , release the push button then press and hold the bc button in the indicator arm until reset appears , release and again press and hold the bc button until you have a moving clock symbol appear , release the bc button and wait for the display to change , once this has reset turn off the ignition and the service symbol should have reset . you may want to print these instructions before resetting
COMMENT by , September 20, 2010
Thank you so very much for the answer.I am a woman remember,and although my Dad taught me to change a flat and do my own oil changes when I was a teen a BMW is a little more complex if I may say.That being said, what is the "BC" button.Is all the steps done on the top lever ,or bottom lever or a combination of both.I will attempt in the next day or so and let you know how it goesThank you again I had resolved myself to calling for a service appt. today,given the one reply.Thanks and have a great week.
COMMENT by , February 14, 2011
It did not work for me
ANSWER by , February 26, 2011
Don't know if you got that reset taken care of, if not check this out-
ANSWER by , November 05, 2015
Hi, I have a bmw 335i and the service engine soon light is on. I have already reset the service light to 30,000 miles but the service engine soon light is still on. How can I turn off the service engine soon light?
ANSWER by , January 31, 2016
The diagnosis that I received was that the fuel system is lean bank 1&2. I have a 2007 328xi sport wagon. I haven't found out what the fix is yet.