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Repair hours needed to replace
While changing the expansion tank it came out hard. As it sprang out so did a spring and a brass sensor that is shaped like a thumb tack. I have no idea where it came from to put it back. I know just enough about c...
oil and we added , not to long ago today we had to add more it is not leaking oil but it is burning it somewhere anyone have the same problem
I am able to drive the car but the steering wheel doesn't lock when I park so I'm thinking this may have something to do with it. I have checked the automatic gear shift and it's fine.
The radio and dashboard works.
What could cause this? & how would I fix the problem
something broke breaking my fan blades land reader leaking oil like crazy
It just started last week. Was wondering do I need to buy another key? It takes about 15 or 20 trys before lock releases. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.
Battery fully dead aftef 2days of no operation?
What is the type of Transmission Fluid for an Automatic 1990 BMW 2.5 325i?
It has something to do with the thermostat. It says Below thermostat regulating temperature
was driving in rain today with a few puddles. car started idling rough and when I tried to accelerate, It barely would move. After it sat an hour or so, I started it and it ran fine.
They are always on, I don't think it's the sensors because the previous owner just did some maintenance on the car, such as replacing spark plugs, new tires, new fuel injector and a couple of other things, I just want...
hit a pot hole this morning to aviod an accident and right after my battery light came on and wheel is hard to turn right and left.. but no clicking sound or overheating.. can someone please help
car was working great, drove it in to the garage and now when I turn the key, I get nothing. Lights all come on, but engine wont turn. Not the starter, or the battery
Over the weekend my husband replace the control arms tie rods and as he was taking skid plate down and a piece of rubber come off now you drive it gets up to 25 mph the transmission light comes on and doesn't want to ...
To fall off just replaced the control arm bushings both sides should I go ahead an chek the strut bearing ? It only dose it when I turn left
Its a 2003 bmw 318ti. I replaced complete fuel pump and housing on the right hand side. Maybe the calibration is out perhaps? If so how do I fix it?