How much does it cost to change wheel bearings? on 1997 Honda Accord

My car is making a loud noise while driving i was told it's my wheel bearings how much does it cost to change them.

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You can get your free estimate for the wheel bearing replacement here on, just go to the RepairPrice Estimator:
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It depends front or rear. The front cartridge style bearing is about $60 to $85 and about 1.8 to 2 hours labor. The hub may also be damaged if the bearing was badly worn.
About an hour to replace the rear wheel bearing hub assemble, look at for price of part.
I need new rear ones changed. They quoted me $288.00 for labor and $210.00 for both rear bearings on a crv. They said that it would take about 2hours and that price isn't anything extra they may find or tax.