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I replaced fuse in the #5 spot under the hood, still outlets do not work
I replaced the 120/40 fuse now it want crank it has power and the engine turns over but want crank any ideas?
2008 Honda Ridgeline- engine fan keeps running (30 min or more) after engine is shut off- causes battery to go dead.
the air conditioner wwors fine on the passanger side but blow very hot air on the driver side.
The ridgeline has highway 23,000 on it. The dealer stated there is only 20% brake life on the rear brakes? Front pads never replaced yet or did we hit the sensor
How does the lens come off to change the right rear brake lamp?
had trans fluid changed at dealer at 60,000.would like to do myself since i am mechanically inclined.there are two plugs on the trans.is the bottom plug for draining and the upper side for fill amount(fill until tric...
At what point should the timing belt be changed on a 2008 Ridgeline with 50k?