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the car runs fine only has 80,000 miles on it. they say it will be over $800. Is this really a maintenance item that just needs to be done?

After replacing fuses still no headlights. Been snowing a lot and lots of snow/ice buildup under carriage. What should I look for now?

security system light on driver door lock not on-push buton lock on driver door only works when car running- key fob will program but not function

I've been driving the 2008 Ridgeline for 8 years in Dallas. No off-road or towing. Light hauling on local roads and freeways. I want to buy a new 2017 model. Will I notice a difference if I buy the less expensive 2-wheel drive model?

a/c clutch would not engage replaced relay and worked fine but engine light came on. What could be the cause.

What are the gear ratios for all forward speeds? What is the ratio for the "low" gear position? Exactly what does the "D4" button on the shifter do?

The service light has been on for a couple days but I don't have the money to take it in yet. How long can I afford to leave it?

Every time I unlock the in bed trunk it blows the power door lock fuse. I hope there is a way to bypass this so I won't have to do any rewiring.

And how can I get info on changing it myself

Notice oil leaking between engine and transmission after replacement.
Had a impact on Damper bolt for a long time.
Wound up using breaker and a 3ft pipe to bust bolt!

This happens consistently and now my a/c is not blowing cold . Fan works.

Does seem to have a high volume of air flow

The car idles rough & a little sluggish to drive. Is it recommended to drive the car at this time? Tech cleared the codes & said to drive it as much as I can before bringing it in so the codes come up for diagnosis. Please advise.

if I turn the air conditioner off, and let it sit for a minute and then turn the air on it works sometimes but not always

happens constantly

The pigtail of this harness got broken off by a small stick. It is under the skid plate located near the front of the ridgeline.

My Ridgeline has been driven very gently and been maintained very well. Took it to Honda dealer today for trans fuid flush(exchange). My Ridgeline has 74509 miles on it. I was told the enigine mounts front in particular needed to be replaced. I must admit I was shocked!

Even when lid is clearly closed it wont shut off. How can I bypass this. My security alarm will not turn on if this light doesn't turn off.


Turn signals do not work and light stays on dash for the left signal.

If I engage VTM-4 lock before light is on then disengage, the AWD works fine and warning light remains off. VTM-4 lock will only work if engaged while warning light is off.

It is similar to the noise when the back window is left open but louder. The only time the noise stops is when I brake.

Happened after replacing shocks, constantly squeaks

Can I take my Honda 2013 Ridgeline into a dealership under the warranty?

It's dead again it morning.

So the other day i rear ended a car and ended up scrathing up the area right under the front left light and dented the part closest to the bottom front of the car. Is there anyway you can tell me how much it will cost to fix all of it

I know how to remove and replace the compressor, I have the parts, the tools, and I know that the compressor is the issue 100%,I'm just having trouble getting it out, the last time I had to take it out I had to remove many parts and it took a lot of work and time. If someone knows an easier way to get it out please let me know, or even a video link would help, I have done many searches with no results, all help is appreciated, thank you.

The Honda mechanic said 40-50% of timing belt replacement or water pump replacement will result in rear main bearing seal leak.