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Check engine light stays on and computer code P0420 shows up on EM test!
Won't pass emotions and inside lights stay on.
My Honda service center technicians have given me two different answers: 1) You should change the timing belt at 60k to avoid engine replacement. 2) I've worked here eleven years and only seen six Ridgeline belt ...
Then the security starts the horn honking. Then it's back to normal till I drive for a while and go to turn the motor off. It didn't start doing this til I changed the battery.
When my headlights are on the backlight on my radio turn off and when I turn off my headlights the back lights on the radio turn on. Anyone know what is causing this??
The dial is set to warmer than outside air. The blower still blows but won't blow warm/hot air not matter the "mode". Just started a week ago. What should I check? Any easy fixes other than pulling the dash apart?...
when it is not working the odometer and cruise still work. when coming to a stop i can hear a faint clicking coming from under the dash and then it usually starts working but sometimes goes for days before it starts w...
and also my door lock won't lock can you please help me
It happens when I turn, and I can hear it when it is idling or upon acceleration. Any idea what this might be? I have 91K miles on it.
would the plastic part on the prevent it from starting if it broke off? it turns over but would not start after the plastic part of the key became separated from the metal part that slips into the ignition switch. if ...
Backlight on radio stopped working -is this a fuse issue or something loose?
Cylinder head need to repair,misfire number #4,smell fumes gas.
motor dies when you push the gas all the way to the floor. Will not respond. All the lights on dash light up. You can shut the key off, restart, as long as it's warmed up, it will run.
This vehicle melted a coil pack off in the head and the others aren't firing is this a common problem?