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I've seen ads for OBD interface diagnostic tools. I'm tired of paying mechanics for diagnostics. There are so many to choose from! Any suggestions?
Car runs rich, surges at idle until warm
I just bought it. the first codes it pulled wereP0170,P0172, and P0175. I cleaned the MAP sensor and ran a can of fuel injector cleaner through it and cleared the codes. About 400 miles later the 1070 and 1072 codes c...
It has fire and gas but not starting when I hold the petal to the floor it hits what could be my problem
just changed timing belts. engine runs smooth up to when vtec power should kick in. ran normal before belt change. brand new plugs turning sooty in one day.
honda has v-tech motor and i have a 89 acura with a brand new engine which also has the same motor. is it possible to switch motors put the acura engine in the honda prelude?
always wears the front tires on inside
I need to know the location of the TPS on my prelude
when driving my car will slow down and stop. I put car in drive and it startsright up.