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Is the shifting forks broke

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new mobilizer etc is this true?

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?

i lost my keys and they dealership is telling me i have to order a new imobilizer etc is this true?

Can I change this without recharging the A/C system?

its a b18b1 engine. the timing belt broke. is this a low/zero tolerance engine ?

I just replaced the climate control unit, AC work good but when I switch to heat, it seems like the valve is not opening.

Recently my car has been violently shaking and vibrating when at a stop light. The problem only occurs when the car is warm.

Just inherited a 92 Prelude and the fuel gauge doesn't work, so have no idea how much gas is in my car which has me constantly filling up. I got the car about 2 months ago, before that it had been sitting in my son's garage for almost 3 years. The night I finally got to take it home, the gauge worked, but when the front brake pads caught fire (because the calipers locked up), and I had to park the car, the gauge went off never to turn on again (I do not know if these things are related).
A friend of mine and I have tried to figure out what is happening, but its kinda weird because following the schematics for the gauge cluster, everything seems to points to the dimmer switch (which works). I don't know anything else to tell. Does anyone have any ideas?.....

Haven't replaced battery or positive cable . Sometimes it starts after ten try's sometimes it will start first try. When I try to play radio or charge phone or leave driver door open that's when I seem to think I just shuts off " that also is the case when cars running " if doors are open an radio is on or try to charge phone car will run either a few seconds or maybe max 15 mins

Was blocking left lane on fwy. Police pushed me to safety. The only way to get shifter out of park is to use the Shiftlock Release. Does anyone have a clue?


It happens several times a day i replaced master cylinder and brake hose and still same problem

Problem started when my gf ran over a dog and ever since the car has a weird sound and doesn't go over 30mph sometimes not even that I have to pull over and turn off the car and try driving again code reads p0700 & p0730 ran great before the dog got hit, might a wire gotten loose? Or something got out of place after that?

Better then oem, Good quality

If my ac is on the idle feels right like its compensating vacuum,but when I did a scan 032 came up, h02 sensor in the catalytic converter could that be the problem and not vacuum leaks?

I've replaced the pvc valve-It wasn't completely clogged, bot a new one shouldn't have hurt things, it seems to be doing it a little more often. Where to next? EGR, fuel filter, vacuum lines (is there an easy, laymans way to check & where to start)?

been happening for a couple months, have to turn on and off key and play with clutch and put in reverse. but now not starting at all

ATTS Light is on and the dianostic code reader shows no codes what is the problem now engine sounds like it has a misfire is it gonna be the same problem just transferred to 80k engine that was put in a week ago frustrating please answer!The light is always on now

My car will still crank and run but it sounds like i slung a rod. It smokes by the valve cover and exhaust.

paid 2000.00 to replace 1700.00 in engine repair

part labor

inspection 80
crank pulley and keyway 239 180
drive belts 85 90
timing cover 75 90
oil pan and oil pan gasket
195 180
oil change 15 18

total 609 638
tax 53.29 0
total 662.29 638
Grand total 1300.29
and also
 part   labor 
spark plugs 48 90
ignition wires 55 45
valve cover gasket 65 135
timing belt water pump package 350 600
coolant change 25 60

total 543 930
tax 47.51 0
total 590.51 930
Grand total 1520.51

My check engine light comes on, it has code 43 for obd i, the car hesitates, backfires, misfires, and wants to die when i accelerate but is fine when in neutral and i rev the engine, it will go after 30 seconds, but acts like it wasn't getting any fuel and I have 1 dry spark plug. I also have oil leaking from my distributor cap.