my Honda is stuck in park and was told it could be the fuse

Where is the cabin filter located in my Honda passport 2002

I changed the spark plugs and I noticed that the drivers side rear plug shaft had some oil in it. What would cause this and what do I need to do to fix it

I cheked.the codes a.saids.that is the TPSensor , i replaced already but still. P1125 P1295 P1120

this happens only when cold. after it's warm and turn switch off and on again there is no problem. what can it be??

i'm looking for a replacment crankshaft due to reluctor ring being missing.

i can only stop it by getting out of the car and then opening the back window. this started after i tried to use the back windshield wiper for the first time ever.

car has 40k miles --

remove transmission fluid pad

how many milage due for time belt?

Engine cranks longer when engine is warm and car sets for a while. Very short (regular) crank when engine is "cold"
after setting several hours or overnight.

I would like to know when i should replace my timing belt (after how many miles) and what the standard cost would be.

code p401.I replaced the egr valve and cleared code.code P401 came back.what else could it be?

What is the function of an EGR Valve, and could a restricted air flow to that valve cause the engine to go to a reduced power mode?