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I think its the hub well at least that's what a mechanic told me and of course being a woman and knowing a little about cars, I don't know it that's what it is
Both my driver side and passenger side doors will not open from the outside and if I roll the window down the door flys open and will not shut unless I roll the window back up
get it fixed and it should be fine. Is that a red flag not to buy. I haven't been able to test drive it yet
I put a new pump in but when i turn the car on it doesnt make any noise or pump any fuel i can trip the relay manualy and then it pumps is this a relay problem
it just started today drove fine before went to put key in an lights come on but wont turn over dose not make any noise an it is like it is stuck in gear
But the wires from the aftermarket switch are colored differently than the ones on the original?????
Why is it when i put my passport in reverse or drive it starts shaking.... and then feels like it wants to die o ut
Motor has only 78,000 miles....powertrain has 126,009
at first would not shift into overdrive now kicks out in first
the park lights will not go off--i pulled fuses and light switch--no help fuel gauge wil not work---is all this related??????
the noise seems to be coming from drivers side
mechanic says that he has to remove exhaust parts to get at and remove the starter.. is that true??