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I got all my power and it clicks when I turn key but won't turn on is there a safety sensor
does it in all gears I've replaced wires plugs fuelfiler oxygen sensor an airfilter any ideas does it always
Which is best for a South Florida climate?
is their some thing wrong with the brain that's what another shop I took it to said
I need to know how to reset the trip odometer in my 95 Honda Passport for work. I did it once before on accident while I was cleaning the dash so I know it works but I just don't know how to do it again. Please help!!!
My ABS light will not turn off. Is there a way to reset it by backing car and hitting brakes?
all the front brake components have been replaced (rotors calipers,pads and hoses),system bled, all work done by a pro, but still same problem.
It has a release button but I dont know if it comes out
Thought about changing brake pads or maybe calipers?? Also the brake light stays on ALL the time also the Rear ABS light is also so on!! What is needed to fix this???
There are some small details like certain buttons I have no clue as to what they are for ?
first, second,third, fifth ,gears are gone. Fourth gear and reverse still work
what is the geart ratio of a 95 honda passport