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already check all part and found no d/c supply to compressor.. pls guide us tq
It happens on take off and just doesn't feels like it doesnt have the power it used to, already changed spark plugs and o rings on valve cover as there was oil getting in the spark plug wells
My car does not have AC and I want to install it. I have the duck work already, but nothing else.
my car starts fine,runs fine intermittently after running it for about 15 mi,the engine sometimes stutters,loses power until you floor it. taken it to my garage and to the honda dealer. they have no clue as to whats w...
This engine stalls after going through a puddle and is hard to start after a rain, even if it was just sitting in the driveway. The distributor stays dry so I don't think it is an ignition problem. The air intake tu...