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Sometimes when i drove forward it was sounding like i was driving in reverse. And when i take off to drive in first gear it will act up like it didnt want to take off then when it grip the car will drive.
Thermostate sticking....coolant temp is up to normal but it takes a long time before heat is felt inside car.
This hasn't happened before yea its fallen off the track but thats a quick fix for me. but now i had my window down half way went to put it up but nothing. no power what-so-ever. i was wondering if there was a way to ...
can someone help me please, well I had this problem for the past 3 years now base on my car. I own a 99' manual Honda Civic Si, once I drive it for a good 45-60 min. after the engine get hot, everything start to stop ...
I need to know what belt goes around which pulleys on my 99 honda civic si?