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My 1997 Honda Civic HX, passenger side window kept stopping when trying to raise it. Then it started slipping down, and now it is stuck down. I hear the motor when I press the button. It would go halfway up and then...
Check engine codes mechanic says changed and I keep paying for not repairs that don't help. When is it enough? I can't afford this bill the original estimate was a lot for me now it is 5 times more, I think my car's d...
I got incarcerated and during my incarceration was stolen. After I got released i was able too retrieve my car but the steering wheel column had Been to destroyed and my car won't.start any ideas.
I'm not able to even drive my car cause when I crank it up the manifold red hot in no time I don't know what it is
FM signal very weak a lot of static fades away
It's an r18, when it shifts from 2nd to 3rd I'll stay at the same throttle but the rpms will slowly start dropping but I'll still be at the same speed. Sometimes it'll also struggle to get past 2500 rpms. When I let o...
I just bough a 2004 honda civic with 107855 miles on it,my question is what type of oil should i use in this car.Ive heard 5W 20,AND What brand would you reccomend,penzoil,mobil,castrol etc etc.Thanks. Toby
1999 Honda Civic • 1.6L, LX• 175,000 miles The engine shut off while driving (no restart) and that lead to my diagnosis that coil failed (no spark, ohms out of spec, casing shows sign of arcing/heat damage). After ...
the after market air conditioner was installed in the mid 1990's. We are replacing the compressor and dryer. But the dryer is not available. What can we use as a substitute
I started car....drove down the street Came to a stop Sign. Pushed on gas and engined revved and rpm went up but we weren't going then check engine light came on I was able to safely pull into parking lot turn car o...
I want to swap out my stereo with a tape player for one with a cd player. Found one on ebay for a 2002 honda civic.
i am buying this car. every thing is perfect about this price but crankshaft oil seal. should i get this car or not?
Is there anything I can do or does it have to go into the shop?
power windows will not go down or up.