Honda civic hybrid 2010, automatic (mileage: 78,000 miles).
Car running at constant speed (example 65 mph) on freeway, but the RPMs keep changing from 2 to 3 or 4. The car when braking at a traffic light bounces forward before finally stopping. Should I change transmission oil; does it seem like a transmission problem? Please help, thanks.

I have a question wich involves my honda leaning 11 millimeters on the drivers side. The Local Honda Dealer tells me thats normal due to the location of the batterypack and not a problem at all and that they have had more like that.

Now another Honda Dealer tells me that aint normal, and its needs to be checked. Anyone can tell me something about that since i tried to dig up all kinda schematics but they tell me the batterypack is balanced.

And i got only 1 month waranty left from a dealer wich isnt connected to either Honda dealers.

Thanks in advance, Pete

DTC codes for engine coolant temperature and how to repair it

After how many miles is an oil change needed on a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid. I am now at 4880 miles and showing 50% oil on gauge...Please advise