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My a/c works intermittently. It will all of a sudden start blowing HOT air. It has been behaving like this for almost a year. I have had several body shops look at it to determine the problem. My trusted auto shop does not feel confident they know exactly what is going on. I have seen many other complaints about the same issue with Honda Civic models 2008-2012 online with no apparent solution. Seems Honda may have a problem on their hands. What should I do?

My 2011 civic vp Automatic has 45K miles and nearly 5 yrs old. I got a Titanium Extended warranty from Carchex for 5 years or 50K miles for $2,200(offer). Is it worth buying this extended warranty cost?

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It stays on all of the time.

This car is a civic Ex Coupe 2dr.
Thank you, John

my car is not giving good milliage

fluid, water good in raidtor

At approx. 20,000 miles my steering wheel rack and assembly needed to be replaced (under warranty). Could this have contributed to inner tie rod damage (not under warranty) or is there no connection between the two issues?

Is it bad to change my car's gas from unleaded to supreme?

Latley when i stop at a red light it starts to shake when i have the air on or not what should i do? Also i have changed my gas to supreme was that a good idea to switch gas like that?

The drive's side of my car was hit by other car. The two doors of my left side were crushed in the crash and the air bags exploded. Also, my rear right tire was broken too. I want to know how much it cost to fix my car or it cannot be fixed any more? Thank you.