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It has about 250000 miles and check engine light came on and I lost power. Mechanic says timing chain. Is it likely that it damaged the engine when it broke? If so, what price range am I looking at to repair?
Just replace the cv booth a week ago. Everytime when driving from stop to 1st gear I can a knocking sound (tok), what's the problem? clutch?, suspension? engine mount?
The driver's side seat (Honda Pilot 2007)does not lift up on both sides when I pull the lever up to adjust the seat up it only lifts on the right side, tilted.
Will a 1994 Honda civic automatic subframe fit a 1997 Honda civic automatic
Now I hear grinding in the front so I'm suspecting it's the front wheel hub assembly
Had my mechanic look at all motor mounts. All look good. The one by the passenger side control arm has some wear. Thinking not the issue. Car only has 45K on it. Doesn't run well and makes rough sounds during operatio...