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it leaks onto my garage floor
at how many miles should i change my timing belt, and how much will it cost me?
My car is eating my tires! Then I learned it probably needs new struts. How much do they cost to replace? Do I need 4 struts or 2 just for the front? Help!
How do I remove the front caliper bolts, there is a square washer that turns when I turn the bolt, it rides up against the husing preventing the bolts form being removed, I changed many disc brakes but never came acro...
Tonight, i parked my car at wawa, took the key out and it was warm to the touch. the metal park was yellowish brown. just happened for the first time. parked my car at home and took key out and it was warm again.
Do you check the automatic trans fluid in neutral or park
I washed the engine of my 2006 civic and shortly after my engine light came on with code P0404. Apparently this is affected my EGR. What I am unsure of is, do I change the valve or a sensor? Is the sensor a O2 senso...
I have had the unit worked on twice by the dealer, spending over $700. Now they are saying I might need a new compressor. There is no noise and it cools. Could it be a switch or vacumn hose?
The air conditioner in my 2006 Honda Civic alternates between blowing hot & cold air. There's no pattern - sometimes it's hot for 20 miles, then cold for 40 miles or vice versa.
My frontend came off on my car and I need to know where to get it fixed by a good mechanic for a lower price.
When turning the steering wheel in either direction I hear a "popping" noise in the front end. This only occurs when turning the wheel, even while sitting still. It was suggested it could be an upper strut mount bear...
When I turn the steering wheel either direction I hear a "popping" sound coming from the front suspension. Would this be a bad upper strut bearing or a problem with the rack and pinion?
I replaced my car's battery and now the audio system says I need to enter a code for it to work. I looked in the car's manual, but found nothing. What is this code?
i had to get the starter replaced on my 2006 honda civic should my starter go so soon? my car does has 74000 miles
During traveling the ac line by the front bumper received a crack in it. I have been told by a friend that the line is called the hose comp discharge, but I am not sure if that is right or not. Everything else is fine...