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Is there a service bulletin for 2006 Honda Civic cracked compliance bushing? OEM part was redesigned...

And now there is still smoking coming from the car itself. I am brining it back to him again. I feel like this guy is robbing me what should I do?

My car originally purchased in August 2006. Has about 73k miles on ODO. Its been 2 months since it crossed the 8 year mark. But I came to know through forums that HONDA provides 8 year/80000 miles warranty for Emissions (including catalytic converter).
Given these, CHECK engine light has been ON in my dashboard for past few months (at least past 6 months). My Mechanic after doing all other services over last 3 months(cooling system overhaul, fans, radiator, engine check) has confirmed that the problem is with catalytic converter. I am not sure what is the code that the ODB gives. But going with what my mechanic says it looks like i need the catalytic converter to be replaced. Estimate provided for this is $1400.

Given all this, Can I approach the American HONDA for emissions warranty for my car? Since the problem has been in my car for past few months, I believe HONDA should be covering me for this problem even though i have crossed the 8 year mark by 2 months but still within the 80k mileage limit.

Can anyone advise me how to handle this situation?

After we change more drive in reverse

I am the second owner for Honda civic 2006. Bought the car 8 months back and just noticed that there is a leakage of coolant. Whenever I top off the coolant it holds good for 3 weeks before the engine again gets heated up. Later, my mechanic confirmed that there is a problem in engine block which has a crack in it. But the previous owner has made a temporary fix with a JB weld and epoxy coating for it. Though it worked for a while before giving up. Now I have asked my mechanic for a replacement engine (Original HONDA OEM engine). He had already made the replacement for the engine. I have spent around 3500$ for this replacement.

Only then I came to know about HONDA's warranty for cracked engine block problems. Honda care person confirmed that my VIN# is eligible for 10 years/unlimited mile warranty for the cracked engine block.

Given these circumstances, what are my options left? Now what should I do to claim a reimbursement (for $3500)towards the engine replacement cost with HONDA? Will HONDA encourage this claim as the old engine had a cracked engine block but there was a temporary fix in place on it?

Believe around wheel around right side. Been making a tic tic tic when quietly for a little bit now when apply brakes make very loud tic tic sound wish I could post recording eh. Just had new front brake installed not to long ago but quiet tic tic was before that. When ever I was it to make noise for someone to hear it won't it just does it usually when I first drive car..

I've noticed lately that the SRS seatbelt/airbag light randomly comes on when I start driving and stays on. If I turn the car off and back on the light comes on for about 5 seconds as normal and then it goes off. I recently bought this car from the dealer (a week ago) and I brought it back to them in order to scan the SRS codes. Here are the SRS codes that they gave me and the VIN # of my car. They told me this could be happening because they power wash the inside of the car. Aren't they liable for this?

VIN #JHMFA16866S011221

SRS codes: DTC 11-1X (11-10 to 11-19, 11-1A to 11F)
DTC 11-4x (11-40 to 11-49, 11-4A to 11-4F)

Just put a new alternator has new battery car still not idling correctly. Has all new coils and spark plugs. When put car from park to drive or drive to park car bogs down idle drops real fast same if you come to a stop.

Brand new battery when I opened good and had someone else start car i could see engine big down after a min and when it did the whole engine turned almost on it's side like

I have noticed lately that the SRS seatbelt/airbag light randomly comes on when I start driving and stays on. If I turn the car off and back on the light comes on for about 5 seconds as normal and then it goes off. Should I be concerned about this? Do I need to have it scanned at the dealer or can I just try to reset the light myself.

Makes a circular kind of motion with vibration with speeds 72-74mph . Can drive some days forever with no light other days it stays on long time until shut car off. Once had a hard time taking off car jerked back. When at red light car bogs down almost stalls but hasn't yet.

My car was dead and found out the alternator needed to be replaced. The following day my car was dead again. Every time I got a jump my car horn would go off. I don't know if there's a short in the factory anti theft system. I just had the battery replaced yesterday, my car started 3 times today and now it's dead again. I don't want to take it to the dealer unless absolutely necessary, please help!

Why do my brakes clunk at low speeds yet brakes are ok