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How do I reset the maintenance reminder light?
Have a honda civic 2001 Ex what is the cause off check engine P1705 code and what is necessary to fix this.
I was driving my 2001 Honda Civic (Manual)with the AC running and as I shifted down a gear it stalled!! No shuttering.....just lost power. This happened several times a few miles from home and I couldn't get home fa...
engine light on diagnosed clogged fuel vent module
Just started. Engine light came on and car began to lose speed. Camshaft moves excessively. Cylinder head needs to be replaced. How much should this cost?
When I took my 2001 4dDR EX Manual Drive Civic Honda in for its oil change they said I needed to have my compliance bushings done. It has approx 53,000 miles on it. I also had the transmission oil changed at that time...
Can the window motor be jumped from the car battery and if so, where do I hook the charge on the window motor?
Civic EX /5-stick /177K mi. Q: At Hwy speeds the AC cycles 1x then drops off & blows hot & moist. Under 45 MPH works great (inc stationary). Honda mech's have replicated the problem but can't determine the cause. So f...
I would like to find out a total cost to replace the head gasket on this model car. In the general sense.
When does the timing belt need replacing. How many miles and does it only need to be replaced once? We have 254,000.
I just drove 200 miles in my civic to the inlaws house. then decided we needed dinner went out to start it and it will not start. I have narrowed my problem down to the car is not getting any fuel. Having changed th...
My 2001 civic blows hot air and does not take any recharge when I try to. The Compressor runs continuously and never stop unless the AC control turn off. Should it turn on for awhile and turn off even if the AC cont...
what is a fair price for 90,000 mile service on 2001 honda civic.. and what exactly is done on it?
I need some info on how to repair a check engine code p1259 manufacturer control fuel air metering
engine overhaul cost