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I notice that my care does this squealing noise when it rains or it's been sitting in the cold and has condensation on the car but after the care warms up it goes away. I had the belts replaced a year and a half ago....
when I put into 4th gear, it slips right out.
I have an intermitten problem that shut off while I am driving at low rpms, at stop or idle but start right back up.
my car is making a noisy sound all the time from the engine. I believe is a problem with the power steering. When I turn the wheels the noise is more noticeable. can you help me? my email is baldi414@hotmail.com
Both my high beam headlights are not working. Replaced both headlights. Anything else I can check before replacing the switch?
left side has a knocking noise if you need a wheel alignment does that make a weird noise too?
would water in the trany make my automatic trans inoperable?
How to replace rear shocks?
My car hums when I turn the wheel right or left, in motion and when still. I'm not sure what the problem is?
my rear windows broken...ijust want to know about how mush to chang that.Thanksss
side right window is not working at all. i love my honda!
How do I reset the maintenance reminder light?
Have a honda civic 2001 Ex what is the cause off check engine P1705 code and what is necessary to fix this.
I was driving my 2001 Honda Civic (Manual)with the AC running and as I shifted down a gear it stalled!! No shuttering.....just lost power. This happened several times a few miles from home and I couldn't get home fa...
engine light on diagnosed clogged fuel vent module