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My car has been having an idling problem for the past few months. Whenever I am stopped at a light, stop sign, or in park, the engine rpm's drop to about 200-300. Yesterday, when parked-car was running, I heard a st...
My ac belt is squeeking at start up and sometimes while I drive. How do you remove the transmission mount to replace the belt?
MY Honda Civic Lx is running hot. I think i need a new radiator. The radiator shop said i need a need a water pump. But i took it to a mechanic and he said i didnt need one. The Anti-Freeze is running out fast, but th...
I had a simple repair done to the air conditioning. When I left the dealership, the check engine came on, and the engine began to putt-putt. It almost stalled and then it would gain power. I took it back to the dealer...
after it's started engine will begin to sputter and RPM's drop almost to a stall then it will run up and idle fine. It may do this 2 to 4 times and then it runs fine after words.
Everytime I turn the key in the ignition, I hear a screeching sound.
The odometer is a mechanical one. It used to get stuck at 092999. It recovered after 200 miles. So based on the info i have, the third digit has something wrong. I just wonder how much will it cost to repair it.
Naturally I disconnected the battery cables and now the radio/cd player does not work....What are the step-by-steps to load the code... Thanks-A-Million
Could you please tell me how much I should pay in labor and material to have a front oxygen sensor replaced? Thank you very much. J
02 sensors,location and how many are there on the car?
The car drives fine but after it warms up it will not shift any more can let it sit for 10 minutes and it will shift fine wanted to know if there is a transmission sensor that is shutting in down?
What is the average cost of timing belt and water pump replacement?
There is a loud rattle which comes from under the driver seat when the car is idling. When I am driving it doesn't rattle or I can't hear it. Is this something I could handle myself by tightening a bolt? That cat. ...
I replaced my front passenger side axel with a used one but the wheel has play now. Did i forget any to replace any parts or is this axel no good
definition lock up clutch does not engage;probable cause aa1 open or short circuit condition in the gear.ale-ration switch circuit.aa2 poor electrical connection.aa3 failed gear selection switch the codes dont unders...