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Purchased pre-owned car from dealer/shop. Had it checked by third party mechanic. Recommended timing belt/water pump/thermostat be replaced (68,000k). Seller replaced belt but not pump or thermostat stating both ap...
1998 honda civic LX was running ruff so i replaced the plugs wires cap and rotor and o2 sensor behind catalytic converter and drove for two hours and then id just died timing belt still good but won't start any idea w...
Just purchased pre-owned Civic LX at 68,900 miles. Seller offered to replace timing belt and water pump but seemed it only took an hour or so to do that. What proof do I have that the parts were actually replaced? ...
My 98 automatic Honda cvic has abnormal shifting. What do I need to do to fix this problem
Will a transmission flash on a automatic help it from shifting abnormally and delay shifts?
car jerking while acceleration at low speed. what is the problem? how much the repair cost will be? thank u.
I have a 1998 Honda Civic LX with about 176000 miles on it. I recently made sure to change the spark plugs, cables, (and about 25,000 miles back had to change the timing belt, thermostat, fuel filter, transmission flu...
where is the pcm located and where is a wiring diagram
When it rains water gets in my trunk could it be from my sunroof drain holes?
This is periodical need I assume. I am hoping to prevent cupping of my tires
check engine light comes on code 0325 knock sensor. replaced knock sensor and checked electrical connections car seems to run fine.just put jdm engine in could this be a bad motor or am i missing something?
When moveing off car shakes at about 20mph ,but stops as speed increses.
When moveing off car shakes at around 20mph but stops as speed increses.
i have had 3 times that the radiator hoses have blown....once was the top hose and the last 2 times was the bottom hose. After changing the hoses it will run for approx. 500 miles and then the hoses blow again. anti ...