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my honda civic lx 1998 is chuging while in idel but also while driving i have change the rotor and the coil. please help. is it timing,wires, cap. it feels like ite serging, like every 5 sec or missing something.
I have a Harley-sound at the forward end of my exhaust system. Was told connection was rusted out between the long mid pipe (they called it "exhaust pipe") and the front part and was quoted $250 and $295 to fix it (t...
How often does the serpentine belt need to be changed?
my timing belt broke doing 65mph. My engine is an SOHC 1.6L non clearance motor. the belt broke because two motor mounts broke. I assume i have a few bent vavlves. what kind of price, all said and done am I looking at...
they are flashing very quickly on one side of the car
the temperature gauge is normal when i'm driving but when i start idling or at a stop the gauge tends to rise.
Please let me know the most it would cost for a rebuilt transmission
No problem with the car but advised to have the timing belt changed after 100,000 miles (car has 122,000 miles now) I guess it involves other belts and water pump also. Sound right to you? Thanks, Gary
The fan motor switch (off thru 4) only works on 4, but I can see how to get thru the dash to access the switch to replace. Or other ideas on the problem?
My car was stolen and they broke the ignition and complete dashboard. How much would it be to repair and replace everything.
im looking at a 1998 honda civic its automatic has 136,000 miles and has a reconstructed title they are asking 2,800 what is a good price to pay for this?
My 98 Honda Civic needs a new water pump. I was getting it replaced later this week, but before I could get it fixed it overheated last night and now won't start. Do you think that I could have a problem other than ha...
I get a shock and see a spark when I start the car, when I remove the key, and when I exit. Is this just cold weather or something I need to worry about? I just purchased the car a month ago.
Purchased pre-owned car from dealer/shop. Had it checked by third party mechanic. Recommended timing belt/water pump/thermostat be replaced (68,000k). Seller replaced belt but not pump or thermostat stating both appea...