Sometimes when I start my my car the engine temp gauge will go to the hot range, then return to a normal range. Is this a problem?

It seems to come from the F right wheel. Sometimes after I hit 40mph it stops screeching when I apply pressure to the breaks.

I had my timing belt, crack seal gasket and oil pan gasket replaced in December my oil has leaked out and when i took car back they tell me my oil pump is cracked. I saw the crack, but my questions is this a normal thing for this year honda to happen. I feel that it happened back in december when they where changing the gaskets they are only charging me for the oil pump as I have spent over a 1000 dollars to fix it to begin with.
any thoughts.
Thank you

I went to auto zone and checker and they would not sell me just the exhaust manifold. They bundled it in with the catalytic converter as well. Is there a reason for this? should I replace both?

Used car honda 1998

and thought that water being kicked up by tires into trunk. nothing tried has worked. could window on driver's side cause all those problems?
window interior system replaced

honda civic user guide on the 98?

When car is warm and D4 doesn't light then the check engine light stays on and car will only dry start. Usually after 25 minutes at most the D4 will show and engine light will shut off after initial illumination. Car will start then
. any ideas?

What this code is and how do I fix it.

I need to pass emissions in about a week so my fines can get dismissed, please help.