what could it be

Need to know if the ex is different than lx,dx and what year will work

this doesn't happen all the time just once in awhile but it will crank and crank and then start. any suggestions.

Does it have a water pump on it were could the water be going

I just got new plugs wires distributor installed on my 98 honda civic ex why is my check engine light keep coming on and giving code po301 cylinder 1 misfire

When at idle the car makes a noise(metal on metal, rubbing, percolating) that seems to come from the A/C compressor when the A/C is not on and when the A/C is on or not at idle there is no noise?

FM signal very weak a lot of static fades away

I started car....drove down the street Came to a stop Sign. Pushed on gas and engined revved and rpm went up but we weren't going then check engine light came on I was able to safely pull into parking lot turn car off then turn back on put in drive and it wouldn't go.. turned car off. Called husband he came. Checked transmission fluid added some and turned car back on and put it in drive and it was able to drive a few feet and stopped. Any suggestions?

Sometimes when I start my my car the engine temp gauge will go to the hot range, then return to a normal range. Is this a problem?