Driving down the highway and I shift into first, halfway through 1st it like bogs down and has no acceleration or pedal then out of nowhere goes back into gear. Does this with every gear or it will hop as soon as you go in gear. Has check engine light but couldn't make it to auto parts store before it shut down completely. Let it sit 30 or so minutes and it will start but won't hardly go. First time Honda owner, used to v8 ford engines so looking for any helpful advice on what it is

It turns over fine but just not firing.

And it still not running right it dont want to go up a hill it wants to die it runs ok when its coldand when it warms up is when it starts acting up

Automatic 98 civic when starting to accelarate will make loud, long, continuous noise until shifts and when it does shift its very harsh

My car has died a few times before while driving. I would stop put it in park and it would crank back up. The other day I was backing out of drive way and the car died at the top of the drive way. Now it will not crank back up. The fuel pump is working, it comes threw the filter. It has spark to the spark plugs..Spark plugs have been replaced. The timing belt is loose. The Car's maintenance light was on. It has 28 thousand miles on it.

My car has recently just started not going into gear. I was leaving the house and it was fine. I then went 30 seconds up the road to a stop sign and it wouldn't go in drive. When I pressed the gas the RPMs went up like it wanted to go but didn't. It won't go in reverse or anything. If it's in drive it normally moves very little when you let off the brake but it doesn't.

easy to change and that fits in the dash easy

how much labor is involved to replace pump and what tools required

how much labor is involved in replacing power steering pump and what tools are required?

My car started drove two buildings down and died and we have yet to get it started we changed the distributor we checked the crank shaft position sensor the battery is good fuel pump is going on it just turns over and wants ti start but wont help me please