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i have a 1997 honda civic everything works ok its just my 3rd gear scrapes when i put it in and i dnt even need the clutch to put it in i dkn what it could be wrong ?? should i get a new trannsmision or what should ...
when car is at idle ac blows warm. it only blows cold if engine is under load. and not sure if it matters in the winter it only blows warm air if car is under load.
light stays on codes po303, po304, pi300,pi399 indicate misfiring email hdmaddux@comcast.net
just need to know where to add freon
Looking to fix my airbags. My light in my dashboard for the airbags has been on a while. How much do you think it'll take to fix it?
i recently had a problem with my drivers side window. the window apears to be off track. a few days ago i noticed the window had some brown green sticky grease on it in sort of a strange pattern. looking as if a grea...
why has my check engine light turned on? my oil was low. would that have anything to do with it?
engine light is on but changing colors why is that
what tipe of catalytic converter does my 1997 honda civic i.6 dx use manifold catalytic converter or different?
where is it located?
I have had a leak from my oil pan gasket for over 6 months, but I have never had to add any oil during that time. I now have a second leak from the rear engine seal. How important is it that I fix these leaks if I p...
front end vibrates when braking and also vibrates above 60mph.
i cant find the fluid capacity anywhere... does anyone know how many pints or quarts a change will require...im not reinstalling so dont need to fill the torque converter. thanks
my 1997 civic blower/fan motor was running slow to non-existant. I replaced to motor/fan and it works like crazy good now but the air flow is not being directed out of any vents. HELP!