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My 1997 Honda Civic, got hot but did not overheat. Finding no problem with the cooling system, the Honda dealer did an air test and said the head gasket was leaking. BUT recommended against replacing the head gasket...
driver side works good right front and rear windows wont go up or down window lock is off
driver side door won't lock, at all
My two passenger doors on my '97 Honda Civic are locked, like if you had the child proof lock on but can't open them period
This was recommended by the Honda dealership.
overhesting have replaced, hoses, radiayor, thermostat , thinking it might be water pump need directions on how to replace pr do you think its something else?
My car was running hot on my last highway trip. I had it check and was told to replace the hoses and radiator. Now I'm told I have tiny air bubbles in the coolant system. I'm told the head gasket is leaking. What is t...
check engine light is constantly lit
Hello; My radiator coolant fan does not come on. I hot wired directly to the battery and it spins. Fuses check out ok. I want to test the fan relay, but I can't locate it on this 199
Interior thermostat at MAX! Pulled over and resovoir water is bubbling. Cooled down for over an hour, now no water in resovoir and raditor mostly empty but not try. AC fan blows but not coolant fan. Fuse to coolant...
We test drove a 97 Civic which shuddered briefly when accelerating from a full stop, each time. Otherwise it ran like a top. I've read that this could require cv joint repair, replacement fluid, or a new transmission....
My clutch goes to the straight to floor. I cannot get it in or out of a gear. It will start up though. So what can be the problem and with 234,000 is it worth fixing.
how I do to fix code 1337 .
i have a 1997 honda civic everything works ok its just my 3rd gear scrapes when i put it in and i dnt even need the clutch to put it in i dkn what it could be wrong ?? should i get a new trannsmision or what should ...
when car is at idle ac blows warm. it only blows cold if engine is under load. and not sure if it matters in the winter it only blows warm air if car is under load.