I had to bypass the ignition now i think i grounded out the wire n my car wont start

replaced new thermostat and flush all coolant.stil not fixed

I know the secondary is under the shifter....but I can't find the plug for the primary? Help

My transmission keeps slipping. My dipstick was Loose and I replaced it with a tighter one but it's still slipping. How do I fix it or find out how to fix it.

I can't lock them at all I can't lock the doors with the key either,I push the lock button on the doors and it just whines on the driver side the passenger side just doesn't lock idk

The anti theft is on no spark??will not start or what else is problem the computers brain can it be changed to fix problem

Almost like it is in neutral, For the most part I can shut car off and then restart, put in gear and will go again, seems to have a little trouble shifting up and down through gears. Thinking some kind of sensor or torque convertor issue???

When cold runs GREAT once she's warmed up on take offs spudders kicks, and l can't find what's wrong with her PLEASE HELP