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My 1997 Honda Civic HX, passenger side window kept stopping when trying to raise it. Then it started slipping down, and now it is stuck down. I hear the motor when I press the button. It would go halfway up and then...
All gauges & lights in cluster work except the 'back-light' for the temp gauge? at night, all gauges are lighted properly except the temp ~ 97 Civic EX Coupe ~ Is there a bulb i can replace? Thx Geoff
Can a code p0705 cause sputtering while excellerating with a cold motor and then run fine once the motor gets to normal operating temp? I had several misfires and gave tune up, replaced fuel filter and the ect. The on...
97 civic ex, vehicle runs great once warmed up, however, while cold, sputtering when speeding up, showing code p0705. Replaced the distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter and plugs.
I can restart can and it drives again for a short distance.then goes in neutral again
During test results read,@ 15mph the HC read 165 @25 mph it read 116 @15mph the CO under MEAS read 065 @ 15mph the NO(PPM) read 3135 @ 25mph it read 3105 what does this mean
starts sometimes, not all the time. when it wont start it turns over no fire. when it does start runs fine. already replaced main relay and distributor.....help????!!!
Just bought a 97 Civic LX automatic trans with 70,000 miles. Noticed an intermittent knock after the first day of driving. Happens in turns at normal speeds, but also happens when driving straight, especially over dir...
And spitting what sounds like air from under the hood and it looses power when climbing hills and when the RPM REACH ABOUT 4 THOUSAND.