I sometimes feel like I Skip oil changes

It is old and flaking off

The car is a 1996 Honda Civic with 255,000 miles.

I recently damaged my car and want to know how much it would be all together with the installation.

We recently purchased our Honda and it has a couple mysteries. We test drove the car and at that time the speedometer desided to work and we were pleased to see that it only had a 144k on it....but then it quit, then re started again so that is the first issue. The second thing is the temp gauge. It never has worked but the gas gauge directly across from it works fine. I did take the cluster out and apart to look for anything obvious but things looked fine. We would love some experience on these issues if possible?

it has done this once before but it just started working again did great but now it has left me stranded

What would cause that

Clear when i touched it to smell what it was what can it be ?

Turn key no sound no click no nothing but if you push car can pop clutch and will start and run new starter new battery checked everything

Ok so my car ramdomly shakes. I cant get it to do it right now but its off and on one month it shakes to the piont of falling apart the next month it runs beautiful! !! No check engine light. I have replaced distributor air intake sensor cleaned throttle body replaced plugs and wires. No vaccume leaks... took it too two mechanics and they could not make the car do it and said it runs great. I get it drive it home and it starts shaking to the piont I have to pull over!!!

Is there anything I can do or does it have to go into the shop?