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i would like to know an price of a head job on a 1995 honda civic 1.5 liter
where is the oil pump located
my speed sensor does not work i replaced the sensor and the cluster i also checked the continuity and its good i don't know what the problem could be.
My car won't start when it rains, or the day after. What can it be?? I was told me distributor might be bad, but from what I read it doesnt say anything about it... please help
my civic revs up and down wen its in neutral or park anybody know how to fix this
i have a 1995 honda civic it has 220,000 miles mostly highway.i put a cold air intake,magnaflow 2inch exghaust,new ngk plugs,and wires.i keep hearing this sound a tapping from the valve cover ?could it be in need of a...
replaced plugs and wires still stalls
i like some help i took my car for a smog test twice and its failed. its got my oil, spark plugs, and wires my car is ideling pretty high can anyone help. it was high on the co
Does anyone know the average cost of replacing a timing belt for a 1995 honda civic?
I don't know if this is because the car is so old, or the recent extreme cold (low teens), but today my car suddenly started acting VERY poorly re transmission: 1. The clutch pedal has about zero resistance - I ha...
i have a 95 honda civic hatchback dx a strange noise coming from transmission noise goes away when i press clutch pedal
My car froze up due to lack of antifreeze now it is surging when it warms up to operating temp.
None of my gauges are working (fuel, tach, speedo)I need to know if there is a relay, fuse, or something that stops those gauges from working?
When I bought the car it had no oil leaks. I changed the oil like I have countless times on other vehicles and now I have an oil leak right around where the filter's gasket seats up to the engine. Only leaks when th...
looked at fuse box, cant see which fuse goes to tail lights and dash...and is there another problem other than fuses? Thank you so much