its real bad feels like its gonna shut off and die

ive replaced all this and it still wont start up. it acts like it wants to start up but it wont turn over ive checked all that i can but it still wont start

All the lights, radio and battery checked out ok, but will not turn over. I was driving it one day, parked it and went out to start it and nothing, no noise, nothing.

Fan control levers positions 1 and 2 to became inoperative this week, but I still have use of 3 and 4. My air and heat work fine. What could be the problem? My control lever or the fan itself? The car is 16 yrs. old with under 90k. It's time something on the interior went, lol!

what should my curb height be on my car

How much to replace a muffler?

how to remove the door lock to replace it

When I am at a stop the car starts shaking, what could be causing this? Also I have a problem going up hills. I'm at 4-5 rpm and I'm not even at 40mph. What can I do to fix this.

While driving my car 40 miles per hour I notice my car started to slow down I gas it nothing i realize the car shuts off but still moving I pull over to the side of the road. I tried starting it again nothing. I waited about 5 minutes then it starts again. Help whats the problem?

I parked my car one night, the next evening I went to start it and it cranked, but wouldn't turn over. The mechanic says I need a new distributor, plugs and wires. This plus labor was quoted as $715.00- Does that sound right?

estimate on how much it would cost to replace both air bags

Can't remove fuel line from top of filter. I have a1995 Honda Civic i removed threaded screw from top of filter but can not budge the hex head fitting on top. I'm afraid I'm going to break something trying. The line at bottom, which has a different fitting screwed off easily? Help!!!

my steering wheel is hard to turn. it gets loose when i hit the gas but it gets stiff on me when i make turns. i just bought the car and the last owner told me it needed just a steering belt , or did he mean the whole power steering needs to be replaced

1. I have intermittent failure of the AC blower. A road bump will activate it.
2. The windshield washer does not spray any water although reservoir is full.
I'm reasonably handy. Are these things extremely difficult to fix?

She was driing her car and it shut off on her. towed it home and started checking and removed spark plug wire and took a screwdrider and grounded out to see if it was getting fire and it wasn't. Can you help?