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Does my Honda civic ex manual 5speed have a timing belt?
i was putting in interior lighting and i spliced it to the rear lights (the lights that go on when headlights are on). I broke a fuse and i thought i would just turn on the lights just to see what would happen without...
why is it that when my gear shift locks up my break lights dont work
When I engage the clutch in just about all the gears there is a clicking noise. I hear just about two clicks. I say engine/transmission but I am sure it is coming from the transmission. It has done it before and then ...
engine light does come on while driving then goes off with the key and does not come back on until its driven again
The moment you turn the key the fuse blows. I checked everywhere I could and nothing helps. It also blows the fuse on my alarm.
Honda civic dx 2dr coupe...can inner be replaced w/o the outer
the engine will start normally but will begin lose rev as i push the gas pedal down and eventually cuts off
looks like it is dripping toward the front of the car and only when the car is on.,
Problems occurs all the time while I am driving. It never go off!
im getting a 1995 honda civic its very plain in great condition and i want a body kit on it. how much would it be to get one professionally insatlled
My distributor caused my car to break down and ever since the turn running lights tail lights and turn signals stay on after I take the keys out of the ignition of my 1995 Honda civic.