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I know this problem is fixable because it was done to my car on purpose by a family member. I have checked my fuses in the engine and under my steering wheel on the drivers side. I have checked my spark plugs and noth...
above the distributor there's like this green button or sensor which is broken when i disconect on 1 side engine light comes on can anyone tell me if this is a sensor and what's it called ?
i left my lights on all day at work> jumped it went hone tryed to start it agen nothing so i tryed to jump agen this time it was dusk and i crosed up the pos. and neg. no sparks dident notice when i did changed them t...
i have an oil leak from where the distributer is i thought it was the valve cover gasket which i replaced but i still have the oil leak is there a gasket between the distributer and engine ?
What are the directions for the steps to replace the ignition coil on a 1994 Honda Civic?
How do I take off the inside door panel to replace the window? On a scale of 1-10; how would yoyu rate the difficulty of this job?
bought a 94 civic in the summer time and was happy the a/c worked good, cold air not a problem during summer. now we're getting into fall and soon winter so recently i gave the heater a try. i cranked the heater up al...
My Honda civic 94 will start with no problem and it shuts off after a few minutes and will not start untill engine cools down.
How much does it cost to replace the motor for the 94 civic
About a week ago when this knocking noise started coming from what sounds like the front right wheel. It only happens under 25 mph, the knocking slows down and gets louder as I get closer to 0, and if I push the brake...
Just bought the car. has no owner's manual. How much fuel will the tank hold?
I am trying to take out the tape deck.
called an onsight mechanic. said it was the fuel pump, filter, etc. said it would be over $400.00 to fix. could it just be the filter and not the fuel pump?
not a fuel problem. changed distributor cap and rotor button. do you think it might be ignition control module? what else could be the fault?
The moon roof is stuck in the open position. Is there a manual crank or place that I can close the moon roof manually? I brought it to a repair shop and they told me I needed a new motor, but refused to fix it due t...