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The civic will randomly start up and run for a few seconds and than shut off. Its gotten worst because before it would just turn off while driving down the road, and would start back up after cranking it a few times. ...
When turning, water squirts on your feet when the air is on. Current owner also reports that windsheild fogs up occasionally. I'm considering purchasing the vehicle with 57,000 miles.
Considering buying a 94 with 57,000 miles. When turning, water squirts on your feet when air is on. Also, owner reports that the windsheild will occasionally fog up. Problem?
they told me it was my through out barring but had a new clucht the whole part put in and still makes noise
i have a 4 speed automatic,can ireplace it with a 1991 civic 5 speed automatic?
Trying to find top dead center. Changed head gasket and got the crankshaft pulley turned different from cam pulley. Is there a difference between the compression stoke and the exhaust stroke?
My radiator is trying fast in approximately 3 miles run. Why?
A year ago, I had a used engine replacement, new thermostat and all parts, from intake manifold and all needed headgasket replacement. Now, my car is running hot once again. Some guys that stopped to help me said that...
my cv boot is rip open and the cv joint makes a rough sound when turing.
I have a civic with the D16z6 motor in it. tonight it started idling around 2500 rpm and then i try to take off and it dies. so i try starting it again and it will turn over but i wont stay running. it backfires bad w...
My Dashboard will not light up
my civic ex failed the emissions test due to hydrocarbons and nox. it has 250,000 miles on it. any ideas on what to start checking first?
when i am driving fast and i hit the brakes the steering vibrates also the brakes, what does this mean?
when i hit a bump my brake pedal jumps when i press on the brakes and i hear like i think is the abs going on also when the road is like slippery it does the same it likes jumps clunk clunk clunk can anyone help me wi...
When in drive, after a few miles the drive light on the dashboard blinks and soon after the Check Engine light comes on.