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I checked altntr by startin engine and removing pos battery cable and engine did not die.
When i go on the highway and i do about 65 for about 20 minutes. I notice that my engine decrease in speed and acceleration. When i return to a stop after on the highway at a light. i press on the gas and my gar doesn...
In gear, it idles very roughly, sometimes it will rev up and down. If I shift into neutral, it will immediately smooth out
how do i check for spark and what do i check first,second, third...
The main relay and fuel pump have been changes and no power is going to fuel pump and the sperk plugs.
I failed the inspection for my nox (ppm) on my High Speed Emissions test. The standard is 1240 and my result was 1267.
i changed plugs,wires,new distributor, set timing, changed o2 sensor and light went off for app.50 miles and came back on still using excessive gas
My 1994 Auto Honda Civic EX Works Fine Starts Up Sounds Normal Just Got A New Engine Control Module...! Now it wont go into gear without using (-the key to unlock gear shift) no clue why everyone says i can drive it ...
I replaced the distributor and it failed again.
wont run,fuel pump works in crank mode,wil not run if not in crank mode,changed fuel pump relay
my car is leaking and i dont know fron where
I guess a tune up is made of of other things in your list? If I am given an extimate of a full tune up how do I know what a fair price is?
I still have my 94 honda civic coupe, I love my car! But I have a 2 year old now, and I want to know what options I have to make this car as safe as can be.
It has started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Also I was told my front axle needs repairing but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? Please help. Thank you.
It is NOT a grinding type sound. It is more like a rattle. The car can be driven and does not slip out of gear. Shifting takes place without any problem even into 1st. Reverse has a little grinding. The sound used ot ...