1994 Honda Civic LX 1.5L with 205,000 miles.

Poor fuel economy 20-22mpg, engine vibration causing interior parts (steering wheel,dash, glove box,
ect) to vibrate causing much noise (especially pronounced while in gear), heavy white/blue stinky exhaust emission/smoke when at high rpm, old plugs were wet upon inspection with heavy carbon residue.

New parts (AutoZone) in the past week include, NGK spark plugs, cap, rotor and ignition coil (third one (original, used Honda) in three years.

The cables with the two cables going to one post.

Can't loosen the Rotor nut. Does it loosen counter clock wise or loosen by clockwise. Roy

But I don't know we're the ac fuse is located. Help please.

I checked altntr by startin engine and removing pos battery cable and engine did not die.

When i go on the highway and i do about 65 for about 20 minutes. I notice that my engine decrease in speed and acceleration. When i return to a stop after on the highway at a light. i press on the gas and my gar doesn't have power and i have to ease on the gas pedal. And also when i go to a stop. My car rpms drop so low to where my car starts to shake a little. Im thinking it might be some kind of Misfire , or i have gotten told maybe its the timing belt . If you could give me advice that would be very awesome . Thanks. Hope to hear from you again.

In gear, it idles very roughly, sometimes it will rev up and down. If I shift into neutral, it will immediately smooth out

how do i check for spark and what do i check first,second, third...

The main relay and fuel pump have been changes and no power is going to fuel pump and the sperk plugs.

I failed the inspection for my nox (ppm) on my High Speed Emissions test. The standard is 1240 and my result was 1267.

i changed plugs,wires,new distributor, set timing, changed o2 sensor and light went off for app.50 miles and came back on still using excessive gas