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El Aire Acondicionado this Bloqueado , necesito Diagrama El párrafo Poder arreglarlo , gracias.
i am wondering if anyone can answer this question... my car was recently stolen and recovered. there's no sign of ignition damage, but whenever i turn my car on but not to start it, i have no power throuh out the car...
The cable is broken. How much should it cost to replace the hood release cable?
My civic leaks cold water onto the passanger floor board, i believe this is the blower motor drain tube clogged, but where is it and how do I unclog it?
my car cut off after i press down on the accelator
Could someone provide the proceedures for replacing the A/C system?
i'm having problem starting/crankin my 93 honda civic dx after i replacing the starter. i don't know wat to do and need help on solution.
Will the cracked trailing arm bushing cause a really bad camber issue?
the car hada bad valve gasket so replaced it but now theres a really loud knocking sound and the car shuts off wen i come to a stop
is pully right or left hand thread?
Looking for a diagram or instructions on the removal and replacement of the speed sensor
how can i install a new power window switch? my drivers side window and passanger will not work from the drivers side.
my honda civic ex hits 3000 rpms and will not pass that and runns hard what can it be
i hit 3000 rpms and it will not run right it stops at 3000 what may it be
i replaced the ignition switch with one from a 1995 civicand now the key wont turn but the wheel isnt locked in place1my question is am i supposed to have it in a cert5ain position before i install it?