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why want my air condition blow out cold air,but it is full of freeon,what could be the problem?it blows out some air.
why when i turn left or right i hear clicking noise from my two front tires?
I have a 93 Honda civic DX 1.5l. It starts fine when cold, will not start when warm. I have replaced the coil pack and the O2 sensor. Checked the plugs, they are clean and dry.
how do i flush it or is it all bad? im told it was power steering fluid...i cant get the brakes to bleed with new brake fluid after draining foregn fluids
When I start my car the engine is surging. And the Motor burns through 2 quarts of oil in about 100 miles. Please help me solve this issue.
The car has difficulty starting when the engine is cold. Replaced the Fuel Pump and Injectors. Have the problem narrowed down to the Automatic Choke. How can I clean this myself? or is this something that I need to ta...
i was driving tried to put in 5th gear felt like it wasn't getting gas then it died and wont start up again
Arrived at work this morning and was not able to open my windows or use the power locks. I checked the fuses and they are working.
I have a 1993 honda civic ex with a 1.6 liter automatic transmission that has 218,000 miles on it. It's highway MPG is in the mid 20's, what can I do to help it?
key sometime will not turn to off position only to acc, if i remove to hot wire from battery it will turn to off position. Need help!!!
replace third brake light and now all three don't go on. Check all light bulbs and replaced them, and still nothing.
I have a Civic LX and my check engine came on then five min. later the gas gauge went from half a tank to past the full mark and stay there. Any ideas?
finished working on a friends car...started mine and proceeded to drive away. he promptly called me to tell me that my taillights just quit working. i have headlights but nothing else as far as exterior wiring. so bas...
in the morning the engine will not start.