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My son replaced his distributor on his honda civic 1993 dx and now has no acceleration power. Any ideas? First problem was the car would die while he was driving and not start for a little bit. He has replaced several...
switch in the thermstat will not come a/c switch will not work at all
the a/c fan will not work at all and the radaitor fan will only work when the engine is hot but not runing if you start the engine when it is hot the fan will cut off and only come on when you turn the switch off
I have a Automatic Transmission 93 Civic that has been having problems shifting out of Park. My computer and main relay went out a little while ago, when I got them fixed, the car would not shift out of Park. I hav...
when car is parked no coolant in radiator but all of its in the overflow any ideas
I recently replaced my head gasket and the temperature gauge stopped working I have no idea why. After replacing the oil and coolant I observed some white gases being released from the engine i don't understand if i i...
when in derive i noticed wobbling at the wheel motion but if i press the clutch the car moves smoothly i changed the deriving shaft, upper arm, and engine seats but still the problem persisted
It does this a couple times a day, do u have any idea what is going on.
cranked ran fine, kid went to drive it turns over no start I get home try it starts first try,drive it shut it off starts up perfect 10 15 times kid tries to use it wont start just turns over replaced main relay same ...
how much freon is required in a 1993 honda civic dx
My 1993 civic lx temperature gauge needle approaches the red line in 5 mins after starting. I replaced the thermostat, but the same hot temperature occurs. The cooling fan did not come on, but it works as a direct pow...
had sparkplugs changed 1 yr ago. will sometimes when driving an then turn off have prblems starting bt if u let sit it would start. has been doing this awhile now
after replacing radiator and thermostate, and making sure the fan works and heat in the car. it still is over heating
How much would you say it would cost to repair 2 shocks?