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how do I know if the slave cylinder is bad?
it has four vales that are loose
Where is the fuel filter located at on a 1992 Honda Civic 1.5 4-Cylinder
my backup lights are not working the bulbs are good the car is a civic dx automatic trans
Infrequently, when coming out of say, a left turn and while accelerating, turning the steerning wheel becomes resistant or sluggish (and I do mean "very") defying attempts to reverse the direction of the turn, requiri...
Hi, can anyone suggest what I can do or check next? My speedo and odometer haven't worked since I bought the car one year ago. Other than that the car is great. I replaced the vss didn't solve the problem.
car is making a weird revving sound when first started, after abount 10-15 mins. it goesback to normal
my speed gauge stop working. so i changed my speed sensor and it still does not work ' what can it be?
what if my car over heats and my muffler is wet ?
all the ligths front and rear and light for the dash board went out ,all the fuse are good