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approx cost to replace faulty airbag sensor
what is the head torque sequence
this may sound crazy nut im trying to find the ignition wire for a cd player im trying to install
No problem, only question about recommended maintenance schedule
I need a new radiator for my Civic. What is the average cost?
valve replacement
I have had an issue that started with my back up lights not working. I checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs and they still wouldn't work. That issue was a while back. Recently my turn signals stopped wor...
looking to flush motor with prestone flushing tee
adding quart /s in less than 1000 miles. had big service (timing belt, water pump, alternator belt, cam seal, oil pan plug, valve cover gasket, distributor cap and rotor, etc) at 104,000 miles. Still losing oil. ...
How much will it cost to install a complete air conditioing system in a 1992 Honda Civic, that did not come with factor air? What do I need to purchase? Where can I purchase the system? Can you recommend someone to...
Front windshield wipers only work on the low setting, rear wipers don't work at all. My horn does not work. Rear lights don't work (brake lights do). Corner lights don't work (haz and turn singles do). I checked...
On friday i was on my way to see a friend in the hospital..on the highway and the car started randomly shaking slightly in the front of car and seemed to lost its exceleration..then id let go of the gas and try again ...
The alternator belt is squealing, did tighten the alternator but the belt is worn in spots and needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure what the steps are to replace this belt.
how do I know if the slave cylinder is bad?