The rear window defogger fails to operate. The dash light comes on with other dash lights but the indicator lamp in the switch does not come on when depressed. I have replaced fuse (10A) under dash. The connectors to the rear window grid are good, and the rear window grid is good.

I keep having a re-occuring problem with shaking when the brake is applied. Have had the rotors replaced then turned and this time the problem only stayed away for a day. What else could be wrong or what might make the rotors be a problem?

Stop lights stay on after engine off, lights off and doors closed

How do you replace a dimmer switch in a 1991 honda civic
where is switch located

How do you squeeze the alternator out from behind the engine? I've removed the bolts and wires but can't figure out how to get it out from behind the engine. I've got air conditioning so its in the back of the engine.

i have an oil drip from the bottom of the ignition coil, is it a complicated repair that needs a mechanic or can I do it at home/

All of a sudden, the back lights wont turn off. It look like the brake lights. I can find no switch on the dashboard. I can't find anyything above the pedal either. HELP, my batery will die.

Car wouldnt always start wait 10 min it starts. Driving at 45 mph car shut off, no hesitation no missing. Has no spark, changed cap rotor, plugs, nuthin doin. Thank you. John


My brake lights aren't working, and I wanted to check the fuses, but there is no book or diagram with the car; purchased used

How do you get the dasboard off to reveal the blower position switch connection to the cable? I think it is just unhooked.

Where is the module (ICM ) located at on the engine or ?

Can having my 1991 Honda Civic Engine steam cleaned harm anything?

My passenger side brake light doesn't come on when I put the car in reverse to back up into a parking spot, I was told to replace the entire brake lamp cover, the bulbs have been replaced and continue to go out!

I have a few strips in my rear window defroster that don't heat up any more. Can they be fixed or do I have to by a new rear windshield?