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Before I got in my 2012 Honda Accord this morning as I was walking to the door I noticed the dash lights were flickering every 3-4 seconds. I tried to start the car but it seemed like the battery was dead(no engine cr...
My parked Honda accord LX 2014 got dented in the passenger side front bumper along with the angle part of the door. Its about 2ft by 2 diameter and its deep enough to the point where I cant open the door. Thankfully t...
This started with the rear passenger tire, but now i hear it in the front tires as well.
Who should I take this to for a 'reasonable' repair? Thanks.
Recently I drove over junk metal on the beltway and it cracked the underside of my car. How much does it run to fix that? and would it be typically covered by my insurance?
veh has 4900 miles, traction control, check engine and air bag lights are on,,since is salvage I know there is no warranty, what should I do.